Started: December 4, 2014
Challenge Ends: December 31, 2014
A Little About Me:

Interact is  affiliated with Rotary International, and I am currently the adult Rotarian leading them.  While I have extensive experience camping, I have never been camping in the Winter.  December 21st also happens to be my birthday, so I am giving up gifts, a fancy dinner, and the warmth of my family home to camp with my amazing Interact Club members.   I know we will have fun, but more importantly we  hope to bring awareness to this project, and help raise funds to make it happen!  We hope you might support us  in our fundraising for amazing project . 

Challenge Members:
Rossland Interact Club
Maddi Fisher
Tara Obma
Maya Winckers
My Challenge:

The Rossland Interact Club wants this empty, desolate lot turned into an amazingly vibrant Skateboard Park.  Plans are made, builders are ready, we just need the funds to make it happen!  Interact members have taken up the challenge and will be camping  on the proposed skateboard site on December 21 st....yes....that's right...camping on what could be a frigid night, on the Winter Solstice, with little to no experience in camping at all!!  We hope that you might support our challenge with a donation to the Rossland Skatepark Association so that this lot is a more inviting, stimulating and vibrant place by December 21 st, 2015!  We will be camped from 5pm to 8 am on December 21 st if you would like to join us!!

This Challenge Is Important To Me Because:

Personally, I have a 9 year old son Xander who loves to spend time at skateparks, but the closest one is 1/2 hour away.  This means driving him there,....often!   I would love for him to have access to a park at home, to be able to walk to the park, and to practice his passion here in Rossland.   As a Rotarian I believe we need more activities for our youth in Rossland, and a Skatepark is a great place to exercise, &spend time with friends.  As an Interact leader, I want all youth to have access to recreation facilities, and a skatepark would be.a great addition to our community.