Started: December 1, 2014
Challenge Ends: December 31, 2014
A Little About Me:

Jonah enjoys  many sports, including sking, mountain biking, basketball, and soccer.  He taught himself to unicycle a couple of years ago, and can be seen out on the trails on one tire.  He is excited to do this challenge to help raise money for a skatepark to happen in his hometown.

My Challenge:

Jonah's challenge is to unicycle every day in the month of December!

This Challenge Is Important To Me Because:

Jonah really wants to see a skatepark happen in Rossland  so he and his friends have a place to unicycle, scooter, skateboard, inline skate and bmx.  He sees this as an opportunity to support the skatepark initiative and continue to improve his unicycle skills.

Recent Updates

Thanks Darren Kent, Kelvin Saldern and the Rossland Youth Action Network for supporting my challenge. Only 2 days left!

2014-12-30 10:18

Even out on Christmas day:)

2014-12-25 19:30

Thanks to Shanna Tanabe, Jesse Winckers, Uncle Paul, Anita & Darius Kent, & Christine for supporting my challenge and helping me surpass my goal!

2014-12-25 19:28

Thanks to my Dad, Aunt Janice, Genevieve & Przemek and Stephanie Robinson for supporting me! Day 22 and still been out everyday:)

2014-12-22 18:57
2014-12-22 18:56

Thanks to Opa for supporting my challenge:)

2014-12-20 16:57

Thanks to the Rossland Youth Action Network for supporting my challenge!

2014-12-19 12:49

Thanks Bev and Gord Kent for supporting my challenge.

2014-12-17 16:09

Thanks Steve Zissou for supporting my challenge:)

2014-12-12 07:06

Day 9 & going strong. Neither rain, nor snow, nor hail nor sleet, stops Jonah from unicycling! 15 km so far:)

2014-12-10 07:23

Today was Day 4. I have unicycled twice to school, once down in Trail and around my neighbourhood. I have gone about 9 km so far. Tomorrow, we are going to put studs in my tire!

2014-12-04 22:17

Thanks to Byron Kent, Granny and Grandpa Tyreman, Aaron Cosbey and Mom & Mike for donating to my cause!!!

2014-12-04 22:15