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Yodel is...

One of the most fun, cost effective and powerful ways to get people to engage and form personal connections with your cause. How does Yodel do this? By supporting your cause to create challenge based campaigns that will build a community of individuals who know, love, and share your campaign with others.

Our team has been involved with charity work for many years and know first hand the difficulties causes have to build awareness and raise vital funds. We also know people are busy but want to do good. Yodel provides the opportunity and platform for people to be inspired to do amazing things and to raise significant donations for their favourite cause.


“I’m so happy to have this fundraising platform that encourages me to do the things I have always wanted to!” Kristen Renn~
Acts of Activism Challenge 



Yodel Features...

Save time and reduce confusion by having all the features you need for success on one platform. 







“I have never raised that much money with so little effort!”

Fiona Martin ~ Rotary Interact Mentor


Easy to Set Up 

You bet it is! In fact, it is so easy it takes only minutes to create a cause site and personal profile page, and it can be done with zero technical knowhow.


“This month has been nothing short of inspiring. My challenge of finding 30 local foods in 30 days, took me to farms, agricultural hot spots, and to the backyards of my friends - I met new people, I laughed and ate so much good food. Heck, I even cried. It's been an amazing month, and I am SO incredibly thankful of everyone who supports our Market.
Miche Warwick ~
Market Manager & RMMS Chair


Real Live Support

Our team wants you to succeed and are available for any type of campaign support you may need. If you need a good laugh (or cry) - we may even yodel for you! To learn more about Yodel please contact: